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the first saint award 12/04/2013

Sara RN and Kat CST 

(Yes, we decided to give two awards!)

December 2014 Award went to Cali,RN student 

 saint's award for May 29, 2015

went to Samantha M., RN student

Brenda RN, Founder, Treasurer

Jaslynn LMT, President

Meagan LVN, Board Member

Pam Baros, Board Member

Stephanie, HR, Board Member

Meet Our Team

Find your inner power by helping others

You must be a Texas Healthcare Student. To Apply: Submit a 2 page essay on SIDS, Organ Donation, or Patient Advocacy. Include School name and a contact number to verify enrollment. Email to:

We exist to honor our loved ones, Lloyd Buchhorn Jr. and Clinton Curtis II, by offering scholarship opportunities to Texas Healthcare students.

December 4 and May 29


Our Mission


Scholarship Requirements

Lloyd Buchhorn Jr


​Clinton Curtis II

 People in Healthcare are Saints!​​